Jekyll Island Arts Association

Goodyear Cottage

Jekyll Island Historic District

Jekyll Island, Georgia


The Association maintains and staffs a gift shop in Goodyear Cottage in the Jekyll Island Historic District with the work of members displayed on consignment.  Consignees must be members and are expected to assist in staffing the shop.

Requirements for entering items into Shop inventory:

  •  Artist must be a JIAA member with a 5 digit member number assigned
  •  Every entry must be handmade, clean, undamaged, seasonally appropriate and ready for the Shop.
  • Inventory Limits apply.  See below.
  •  All items are to be entered via the blue cards and placed on the shelves in the kitchen of Goodyear.  The Shop Committee will place artwork in the shop.
  • Business cards, if used, must be attached to the entry.
  • Final decision on items appropriate to the Shop rests with the Shop Committee.

Inventory Management:

·         To improve the appearance of the Shop, the quantity of items entered is limited. Member entries are limited to ten items with additional limitations for paintings, photographs and prints:

  • Three (3) framed with wire hanger per artist.
  • Maximum size is a perimeter of 120 inches.
  • Only original paintings and photographs on wall.
  • Prints are placed in bins, must be individually numbered and/or labeled and must be shrink wrapped.
  • No prints on the wall.  No prints in tubes. 

·   Each item must adhere to the Goodyear numbering system. (#001, #002, #003, etc.).  Begin numbering items from #001(number one).

·   The artist assigns the selling price of the item.  The minimum price for any item is $5.00.  One item may be comprised of a set with a single price.  Eg. - 3 cards in one package for $5.00 equals one entry.

Each artist is limited to 10 items in the Shop at one time.  Examples:
  • 3 sweaters plus 7 hats equals 10 items in inventory.
  • 10 packages of cards = 10 items in inventory.
  • 6 pottery pieces and 4 prints = 10 items in inventory.

·   An item may be in the Shop for a maximum of six months.  

Artists are responsible for monitoring and restocking their own inventory.

·   All inventory must be displayed.  There is no provision for storage at Goodyear.

The JIAA is not held responsible for security of items.  Missing, broken, or mismarked items are not the responsibility of the Jekyll Island Arts Association.

Goodyear Cottage & Shop Hours

Goodyear Cottage is open daily Monday-Friday from 12 noon to 4 pm and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, except on holidays. Admission is free, but donations are accepted.