Jekyll Island Arts Association

Goodyear Cottage

Jekyll Island Historic District

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Volunteer Sign-Up Portal

SignUp Genius link, is ->

Below are instructions for members new to SignUp Genius

JIAA is an entirely volunteer-run association that needs your help throughout the year. JIAA activities needing volunteers include set-up and clean up for special events, kitchen maintenance, shop sales assistance, Merry Artists Show, any many more.


To help coordinate or volunteer needs we will be using an online web application, SignUp Genius. If you are available and interested in volunteer activities (non-festival), please sign-up to add your name to the mailing list (there is no cost for registering). You will then be emailed whenever there is a specific opportunity for volunteers and you can sign-up for a time-slot for those activities you are interested in.


To initially sign-up, letting us know that you are willing to volunteer, click on the link below to access the SignUp Genius site.  Once you are on the site you will see a list of members who have already indicated that they would be available to help with activities of the association. Click on the red box marked “Sign UP”, this will put a check mark in the white box. Next Click on the “Submit and Sign Up” red box.


You will now see two buttons that allow you to choose either, to login using a current SignUp Genius account if you already have one, or to sign-up if you don’t have an account. The fields with a red asterisk are required fields. You can also click on the check box to create an account at SignUp Genius to allow you to login and edit your items if you need to make a change, this is optional but if you register with the site, you will not have to fill out your details the next time you sign-up for an activity.

Once all the information has been entered Click on the “Sign Up Now” button and you are all done. In the future you will start receiving emails discussing activities you may be interested in volunteering for (see example below).


Your sign-ups will be invaluable information for the activity chairpersons.


Thank you for helping support the association.



SignUp Genius link, click to begin->

Example of an email announcing the need for volunteers for a specific activity.